Hell Rise

The water ever so clear with a crispy after taste.
The land filled with plentiful trees and wilderness.
The bunnies hop and the birds sing to their heart’s content.
The flowers bloom and snow falls,
Here, in this forest is my vision of life.

But what I really see is so wrong!
The trees die,
The singing shrives to ash,
Burnt by lost hopes and dreams.
We the people of many lands-
Have caused many losses in order to “survive”.

I run, I run far,
Just like most have before me.
I am lost and far…
My hopes are slowly dying alone with me.

I see a hand; big and warm,
Heaving me up and standing.
The golden sun slowly fades.
The last dawn is upon me to give the last flare.
Am I ready? Will I regret this? Am I missing something?
I close my eyes with cool breathes
I fall into darkness, awaiting the final battle.
I am ready to fight for not only myself but many others.
I will win, we will fight as one, they will open their eyes soon.

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