What is Community?

Community is when there’s a baseball game in the park for preschoolers every weekend

and all the neighbors come to watch.


Community is when there’s a neighborhood block party

and everybody brings a dish to share.


Community is when you have a horrible lemonade stand

Drinks made from the powder that have been sitting out in the sun for hours

but neighbors still come to buy a cup.


Community is when you have an extra hour

and you shovel the sidewalk and your neighbor’s driveway

before the snow gets too heavy.


Community is when you bake gingerbread cookies for the whole block

To spread the Christmas cheer.




Community is when you do a little extra for your neighbors and work together

And then community can mean that there comes unity.


I am from…

I am from Chinese food so spicy that your tongue goes numb.


I am from the piano, my fingers running up and down each key, recreating the melodies of Mozart and Bach.


I am from the water, swimming until my legs give out, but also finding peace in the silence underwater.


I am from the snow, making snowballs and snow angels until my nose turns red and my hands are colder than the snow itself.


I am from loud celebrations with my relatives with sparkling cider and karaoke.


I am from my mistakes, my self-discoveries, my friends, my family, my sadness, and my happiness.


Mass Shootings Poem

If there was a law changed for every rally since February, we would have more than 300 gun control laws in place.


If we had a minute of silence for everybody who has died since 1996 from a mass shooting, we would have 1,091 minutes of silence. Nearly 18 hours, Three-fourths of a day.


If there was a change made in school security, 21 schools would still have all their students. 214 kids who have lost their lives and their bright futures from a gun.


So what I’m asking you is why kids need to practice active-shooter drills in school when they should be learning about their ABC’s?


Why do I need to be looking for the nearest exit at a movie theater “just in case”?


Why do my parents need to remind me to never turn my back to the exit for a fear that I’ll be the first one dead?


An 8 year old should not be worrying about how fast she has to run to get away from the shooter or where she should be hiding if a shooter ever entered the classroom.


So tell me why we aren’t taking action. Is a gun really more important than a child’s life? Or any life for that matter?





land of the free

she burns her hair away

and fades her brown skin

anything to be good enough

anything to be human enough


he doesn’t speak

and he hides his skin

anything to be invisible

anything to live

anything to be safe


she has cut her native tongue from her small mouth

she has faded her home away

anything to be a American enough

anything to be free


they are scared

they do not cry

anything to get back to their mother

anything to finally have a home


the children of the land of the free

are no longer free

they are chained by fear of a bullet being embedded into their backs

the fear of losing their parents

the fear of going back to dangerous homes

the fear of dying

much too early

Black Out Poetry with Molina Speaks

With our guest speaker Adrian Molina (whose artist name is Molina Speaks), we played with Black Out Poetry.  I had seen this on Instagram and on the walls of our campus, but I had never played around with Black Out Poetry myself. I loved it!  I love the idea that words don’t belong to the person who put them on the paper.  I love that you can make art with words, be inspired to be creative in a safe place, and turn something that was someone else’s into yours.  It was such a fun activity, and the kids really got into it as well.  As Adrian was leaving, he asked if anyone wanted more pages to play with, and most every student took more pages.

an open letter to boulder colorado

june 12 2018, 11:03am


an open letter to boulder colorado

the city that has shaped me, for better or for worse

the city that has taught me the importance of activism and acceptance

the city that has taught me about money, exercise, and expensive cars

in this city, it’s impossible for anyone to see me as anything more than my skin tone and neighborhood.

the city know nothing about my mexican roots or my great great grandfather who came to america from china as a railroad laborer.

it knows nothing of my mother’s childhood, her poverty, her section 8 housing, her long walks to school everyday.

boulder knows nothing of racial diversity, class diversity, or sexual orientation.

outsiders look in and see a utopia of athleticism and prose

in my city no one stretches too far outside of the privileged straight white man mold.




ignorant maybe.

i am from a place the preaches acceptance

but fails to see the importance of acting upon your words

because acceptance is more than liking someones facebook post

or retweeting a tweet about raising money for trans at risk youth


what is acceptance?

when is it okay to use other people to boost yourself up and over personal societal roadblocks

when there are people who wake up and face oppression each and every day

and are disregarded by their own family members and peers around them


boulder has shaped who i am and who i want to be

boulder has taught me that actions speak louder than words

that when we speak about race, we should not try to erase it and be colorblind and instead acknowledge everyone and not eliminate their identity

and boulder? some advise if i can.

i want to be in a place where diversity is encourage, differences are celebrated, and resources are accessible to everyone.


thank you


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