A Mother’s Grace by Neila Claffey

You smell of strawberry lotion

Please play Joan Jett for me

Hips sway and legs bounce

It doesn’t matter if the CD skips

Starwars dolls and princess dresses

I want to feel needed

Hold my hand and love me tight

I think the monster is lurking

Wounded knees and jump rope handles

I can’t seem to be

You push me hard, but still stroke my hair

“You’re as normal as can be.”

Pills Pills

So many Pills

and all of them



I can hear your heart ache and see it shake

The monster is awake

Blame Blame

You are doused in shame

Please don’t blame yourself

I have felt hurt

But you saved me from the sting

So please don’t shame yourself

Strong and willed

I hold the key

To my future

Who I will be

I say “I want my reflection to look like you”

And you whisper “I want it to mirror who you will be”

Tears Tears

Dribble down my cheek

Thank you for teaching me

How to be free

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