To know what it’s like to be an adult when your only 14

To know what it’s like to be an adult when your only 14.You have to be strong for the real adults. You have to grow up faster then the others. You don’t get an opinion on the decisions made around you but you have to make mature decisions and stick with them. You are told to make dinner when you have piles of homework. And don’t expect the real adults to come to your sports events because you are mature and independent. But you better make it to everyone else’s events.  You keep to yourself and do what you can.

18 is the most important number because then you really independent.

What do they see?

   What if they knew that I understood what they said. Would they say the harsh things to my face like they do now?Why do they judge my skin when they sit in the sun to look the same way. Why is it a problem for me to speak in my language but they try to imitate it. Maybe if my hair was straight they wouldn’t be so cruel. Why can’t they accept that there is diversity in the world. I can’t stand white girls not all just some that are very judgemental of latina girls. If their skin is darker, if their hair is straight or curly, and what language they speak. I don’t like many white people for a fact that they show more racism in my experience. One time I was dating a white boy he was nice to me at first but then he began to be rude to be. His mom would talk to me very slowly as if i didn’t understand her. That made my pissed because for one I understood more than her son and two why was she talking to me like a baby. I never understood why people especially adults would do that to anybody and if you are doing that to kids what the fuck kind of adult are you?

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