Shoes by Lilah Morrow-Spitzer

I watch everyone’s shoes

Making different zigzags across the floor.

I hear squeaks

New pairs dragged along the tiles.


I am pacing back and forth along the carpeted room.

My shoes are in the corner and I begin to panic.

I run down three flights of stairs and to the outdoors

Forgetting my shoes upstairs.


At my house I see a pile of shoes by the back door.

I enter the room to a group of friends.

A friend gets a phone call.

And I hear the


When she ends it.

Slowly she slips her shoes back on

Drops of water hitting them from the river across her face.


Inside this strange house I see pairs of shoes neatly arrayed towards the door.

I slip off mine and add them to the collection.

Inside the house muffled tears come from every corner.

Her mother stands there in the center of the room



I go up to her room

A place foreign to me prior

As I slowly open the door I see her shoes lined against her closet.

Shoes that will never be worn again.

I smile at the photos of her lined against the walls that are speaking to me

Words that I don’t understand.


I get into bed with my shoes on.

Stained cheeks and red nose

I lay up towards the ceiling

Questioning everything.

Was she buried in shoes?

When will her feet hit the ground again?

Knowing that I’ll never be answered.


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