Kaleidoscope by Firdaws Hakizimana

I hear laughter, shrieks of delight as someone splashes another with water,

thumps as feet hit the floor with speed,

different languages spoken sometimes at the same moment making a twisted form of harmony.’


I watched as pearl white freckles erupted one day on one of my brothers cheeks,

like stars in the night sky,

much to all of my family’s confusion.

I looked on in delight as my baby brother got his first two teeth,

stared at test results in surprise.


I’m molded by my experiences; different to many, but normal to others.


I am surrounded by bright colors,

neon pink and teal chiffon scarves wrapped on heads covering jet black and hazel hairs,

lime green cooking utensils,

deep red cups filled with brown, green, white and clear liquids,

Grey, shiny skyscrapers twinkling as it catches the daylight,

purple colored walls of my room,

paintings, perfectly polished hang from tacks embedded in cream paneles,

shades of brown on most bodies.


I catch the fragrance of almonds as my mom opens a bottle of castile soap,

or the aroma of meat boiling in spices soon to be fried.

The smell of peanut butter, however light is at the time is always in the kitchen,

unless it is overpowered by lemongrass, lavender, or eucalyptus from the essential oils we use in the air humidifier.


I am helped by guiding hands, my family and the internet.

Opinions of others are often countered by dedicated research.

Secret smiles are shared as inside jokes are spoken.


I live among colors,

many shades and different pallets,

from ivory to ebony with gentle greys in between,

and they have shaped with me to be who I am.


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