“Wind” by Michael Lederer


The rustle of leaves

The movement in trees

It gives the illusion of rain

It can destroy a plane

It can bring in a storm

Or to expose you to warmth

The stillness of humidity

Overcome by the zenful tranquility

That is a breeze

It frees


A breath of fresh air

Will be your only care

It turns into a passion

You become the captain

With the wind in your sail

Pushing you forward

To a brighter, better future


But not without the waves

Not without the risk of capsizing

Too much wind in your sail

Can overturn your ship

But too little wind

Won’t push it far enough


On your way to be great

But you must first overcome

Any obstacles in your path

And then will you see

There’s so much more than just “me”

Or “myself,” or “I”

And the thing that can make you crash

Gives an equal opportunity to make you fly


Written by Michael Lederer

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