“The Chain” by Amelia

The Chain

By Amelia


You’ll leave me minimalistic

but come back

And I’m outshining the sun

Day, is the only day I pray
For all the times you split me in half
and bent over back

I’ll be dead before the right path

Way back to your heart
The good times will never start
For us to compromise
Or optimize
My peripheral vision of you

Taste like honey, your so sweet
It caramelizes me in my bed sheets
Paralyzed until I dream
And feel paralysis

In the cocoon
I was feeling quite opposite
About how your face is a novels write
Poems, stories, and sonnets
About the details of your eyes

Look in a different direction
when you speak to me
Right now I’m not sure
If it’s the weight of my speech
Who am I supposed to be

Up as early as you
As late as you
Going out to see the other hills to climb
When we got a perfectly good one outside

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