“Poetry” – Day 9 of Project Citizen

Today was very productive. In a last minute hustle to get what we needed to get done, we only had time for one more powerful workshop.

Jack Powers ran a poetry lesson where he taught us how to steal strategies from other poets to use in our own poetry.

It was very useful and everybody left with at least one poem that they were proud of. Many of us want to continue writing poetry as well because of this lesson.

After this, we had lots of fun with an improv game called “Whose Line is It Anyway?” to get our creative juices flowing.

At the end of the day, we had two hours of designated writing time to finalize all of the work that we’ve been working on.

One student claimed to want to use all the things she learned from today on her work in these two hours.

The activities our class did both today and throughout Project Citizen have emboldened students to write.


Written by Kaitlyn, Jalen and Lilav

Edits by Kira

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