Never Alone by Joaquin Fernandez-Duque

Never Alone by Joaquin Fernandez Duque


It’s 2009, I am alone

Not physically, my grandma,

she’s here. But I am 6,

and my parents

are not here.

So yes, I am


We walk down the street,

hand in hand,

back from the theater.

It is cold

and the wind hits

my face. She gives

me a hat. I am 6,

but also warm

not alone.

We walk

talk and talk

I wonder

I am 6,

So I wonder,

where are the birds?

the pigeons, at night?

She takes me

to see

to learn

They are gone,

asleep in the trees.

The park left

still and quiet,

but not alone.

We are here

and I am 6

but not alone

She is here

always here.

Never alone.


Dedicado a mi Neia, nunca me voy a olvidar el tiempo que pasamos juntos, y nunca te voy a dejar sola.

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