Braggadocio by David Wooley


By David Wooley



I got that braggadocio

The money, the furs

The cars, the girls

With chains, that blang

And most importantly, the pain


[Verse 1]


It’s hard to feel for something that’s got no message

Just like it’s hard to love someone whose got no heart

It’s hard to be a child whose parents ripped apart

But you still messin round with yo friends on the weekend

Are you still into that girl who’s shy and meek’nd

Flexin money on the gram cause your hair on fleek’nd

People jumpin the tracks just to get hit by the train

Cause nowadays everybody in it for the fame


You still flexin money you don’t have

Still makin promises you can’t make

Still runnin round with snakes and fakes

You got the fastest car but still showin up late

You changed yo brother’s fate you ignorant schmuck

No more money for surgery guess we’re out of luck

Couldn’t even pop in once in awhile to say what’s up

Now papa runnin pockets just to get lunch money for us

Can’t even trust my own brother, you suck

Dreams of being teachers and doctors, crushed

No more money for school, I can’t show up

Our youngest brother OJ don’t even know ABC’s

So he’s expected to be holdin AK’s and knockin out people (out people) with PVCs

No white T’s or khakis for us no more

Simple J’s and and Vans not for us no more

No more clothes we ain’t even allowed on the bus no more

You hear me

said do you hear me

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