“#SpeakUp” – Day 8 of Project Citizen

Today, in Fairfield University’s famous Quick Center, there was a special art gallery: “#Unload”.This exhibit focused on repurposing guns for art.

Many exhibits highlighted how common place guns have become, how deadly they are or juxtaposed a gun to something beautiful such as butterflies. The juxtaposition of guns to butterflies is illustrated in the work, Epitaph.One student claimed that this juxtaposition is what caught her attention as it was somehow beautiful. 

After the art gallery we went to a seminar starring Dr. Crandall where he talked guns, violence and how authors are writing to make a change. Students and teachers sat together to discuss these authors and try to “copy” their work by making their own work in a similar format.

During this seminar, the participants also wrote down what stresses them and talked with others at their table about their stressors. A student wrote down his stresses as a story. He found this to be a fun activity as it made stresses seem tangible and more understandable when in the eyes of a fictional person.


Written by Chloe and Chunjong

Edits by Kira

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