“Fun Days” – Day 7 of Project Citizen

Today was day filled with pleasant surprises.

The students of Project Citizen created their own memes.  Some were political, while others were just plain silly.

Afterwards, we did a group reading led by Shaun and Charlotte, two of our instructors here at the program.

Their activity four students taking on the roles of characters within a playwright from an anthology we had the honor of getting an advanced copy of.

Next, as we were talking about playwrights we practiced doing improv. These activities were not only fun, but helped us react faster, think faster and become better writers overall.

Today was a day full of creativity as everyone was challenged to express themselves in different formats. Whether it was funny memes, taking the roll of a fictional character or impersonating a celebrity.  Most importantly we had fun doing it.

Written by Alana, Nouvante and Kemoy

Edits by Kira

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