“Screenwriting or Blogging” – Day 5 of Project Citizen

Screenwriting/playwright is a majorly useful method that can be used when writing for change. The page “How to Write A Scene” by John August was super helpful to us as we began to craft our own screenwriting.

This page listed eleven things that are helpful in creating a scene ranging from “what needs to happen in this scene?” to “where could the scene take place?”.

In one practice session, we focused on writing a dialogue and in the next, a monologue. Dialogues are helpful in showing the differences between characters meanwhile monologues more-so show a character’s internal thoughts.

We also enjoyed an activity in which we came up with random words and strung them together to make a silly dialogue.

After lunch, we learned blogging techniques and how to apply them to our work. There were four points of advice. The first, choose a subject and stick with it. The second, think of a story to tell. The third, bring in facts and statistics. The fourth, be expressive.

Later, we headed upstairs to start writing our pieces and sharing them in a group folder.


Written by Kayleigh, Dylan, and Max

Edits by Kira

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