“Written Words – as Lyrics or in Books” Day 4 of Project Citizen

It’s not everyday that you get a lesson on hip hop and rap in a class about fixing problems in the world.

Hip hop and rap have been used as a platform of social change for longer than many of us would have guessed.

‘This is America’ By Childish Gambino serves as an example.

After watching it, the class talked about the symbolism Childish Gambino put into his music video.

Symbolism is a funny thing – people tend to interpret it into whatever way they want. Other people seem to ignore symbolism altogether.

If looking at the symbolism in this music video however, police brutality seems to be one of the overarching themes as well as gun violence.

Seeing this symbolism embedded in a video will definitely make the kids of Project Citizen wonder what we can do for our presentation.

Afterwards, we wrote 4 bars of Cypher (hip hop) each about topics that we’ve been covering in the days prior. These subjects included Unity, Domestic Violence and School to Prison Pipeline.

Later, the students of Project Citizen video-called Nic Stone, author of the novel ‘Dear Martin’.

We, as students, thought Nic Stone was pretty cool.

Student talking to Nic Stone via Skype

We learned that she is just a regular person raising two kids. It’s amazing to see that authors are just regular people too.

She, like many other writers, wrote these books for her kids as well as for other kids.

Lastly, we closed out the day with some free writing. Students spread out, some going outside to enjoy the beautiful day.

Overall, we had a great day at camp.


Written by Nicki, Mila and Michael L.

Edits by Kira


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