Water Color Imperfections

I believe in imperfections.

I remember in third grade when I was handed a palate of watercolor paints, by my art teacher, for a project.

I made a painting of a koala in the woods. Then, I had the bright idea of making a burnt-out fire right next to this koala. I remember thinking, “What have I done?” In my mind, my koala painting was ruined by this fire. But, that’s the beauty of watercolor paints, they make things.

Looking outside, it’s as if someone gave Mother Nature a watercolor set when she was in third grade. It’s like all of the nature was created by the tip of her paintbrush running across the horizon as colors slowly dripped down below like rain.

However, like in my art, there are imperfections in nature. But that’s the beauty of it, watercolor paints create. And what would life be like if everything was perfect?

No snowflakes, people, or experiences are the same. No art or music exactly alike. And the differences and imperfections in all of us make us unique and independent. Imperfections make us our own people. And even if my watercolor set is broken, I can still paint my life.

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  1. This metaphor flows nicely and it had the potential to sound cheesy but you avoided that and wrote it well.

  2. I love the meaning behind the poem it is very well written and I like your word choice. I would add more about the water color set and maybe you could bring up how everyone has different colors?

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