Too young

Too young

Being young is hard

You don’t have money

You are going through changes

That you never prepared for

People will say that you are too young

Too young to know yourself

Too young to know pain

Too young to know what’s right

No matter what you do

You will always be too young

Maybe I am too young

But maybe you are too old

Times are changing

Yet you are still in the past

It’s time you join us in the present


Your generation is no longer in power

The youth are speaking

It’s best if you listen


I am not too young

I know who I am

I am not too young

I know I have depression

I am not too young

I know that every human being

Deserves to live

I am not too young


We are the generation of social media

We spread information and speak our minds

I may not be able to vote

But I will be damned if my voice does not get heard

I will yell and scream

You call it a tantrum

I call it a riot

We are ready for the fight

Are you?


3 thoughts on “Too young

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  1. This is a great poetic commentary on the separation between generations. Make sure to keep your formatting consistent, like capitalizing the first word of every line (that’s consistent all through the poem except one line.)

  2. “maybe I’m too young, but maybe you’re too old”
    I felt that. Not to bash on old people, but let’s bash on old people who bash on young people. It’s the beginning of a revolution

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