I’ve lived here my whole life

I may have moved

but I never went far

This is my home no matter what


My home is where

You see the cornfields

but still can see the city

Its where my family is never far

and my friends are even closer


My friends who help me through

Lifes roughest points

Whose families will take me in

Without a second thought

Even when it was unconventional


My friends who support me

With everything I do

The people who make everyday

That much brighter

And help me get to where I need to be


My home is where the Royals won the world series

For the first time in so long

Seeing the city come together

To celebrate this small yet big victory


It’s where the best barbecue

is right around the corner

where the family meets for fathers day

and we all get the same order everytime

where they remember your name

No matter how long it has been


There are quicktrips are wherever you go

with the blue raspberry slushes

In the back of the store

and the isle of candy to the left of the door

Where whenever I enter I feel safe


My heart belongs to KCMO

and home is where the heart is

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