Remember to Change

A boy gazes,

at the dark sky,

wearing a padded jacket.

He breathes in the air,

cooling his throat and lungs.

As the dolphin gray sky grows darker.

It looms over him.

Cold white flakes slowly pour out of the clouds.

And they fall slowly towards the ground.

Onto the yellowing grass

Onto the boy’s hair.

The boy recalls

the times he had come to this field before,

laughing and talking.

But now alone.

He walks slowly across the dirt,

Glaring at the barren landscape

That lacked his best friend.

The field was too calm.

It was too quiet.

No echoes of the ones lost,

As if everything was already forgotten.

He stares off farther into the distance.

Staring at his small building of a school.

The building which has closed due to one of its own students.

The snow falls faster and heavier.

The boy’s cheek grows red and cold.

The ice melting into tears on his face.

Nobody wants to remember,

but he has to.

He has to remember

The loud bursts of sound

the pitiful and muffled cries of his classmates,

The hushed whispers,

the frantic calls to their loved ones.

He has to remember in order to make a change.



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