Reviving the Community

Down the skinny sidewalk

A piece from the moon

Leads to a curved dirt road

That blooms into a silver path

That twists and turns

Forking and splitting different ways

From a small family home

To a busy main street


It is surrounded

By light pink flowers

Small ones that children

Would pick while laughing

Sticking the buds in their clothes and hair

Joking like they ruled the deserts and the oceans


It is surrounded by fuzzy green leaves

Small cups that would brush up against ankles

A lamb’s ear that was thrown about

Blossoming from a clump on the ground

To a light and fluttering confetti

It is surrounded by tall grasses

Some are a bright and hopeful green

Some a calm and dark emerald color

Some on the edge of death

But still standing as tall as possible

It’s yellow tip not stopping it from living


The path follows an unmoving stream

Buzzing with mosquitoes and dragonflies

Water bugs and cattail that sway passively

As the breeze lingers by


Here you can hear birds chirp

You can hear kids and parents laugh

Dogs bark and the clink of their leashes

The happy sound that slowly faded over the years

As the clopping steps of joggers disappeared

And the steady clicks of dogs with their owners vanished

Left with only the sound of crickets occasionally waking

Left with a lonely buzzing of quiet


Down a cracked sidewalk

An old piece of unused concrete

Leads to a crumbly mud road

The once again opens to a cold stone track

That snakes and stutters

Breaking off into separate lives

From identical brick houses

To a musky overdriven road


It is surrounded

By weeds and things that don’t belong

Plants that grow on and on

Engulfing the flowers

Leaving no room for anything else to thrive


It is surrounded by rough, dead leaves

Sharp knives that would scratch up ankles and shins

Lifeless bowls that would sit

Caught under the branches of tall weeds

Until they would simply rot away

Only going falling deeper and deeper down


It is surrounded by stubby grasses

All brown or yellow

Hanging a centimeter off the ground

Grasses that have given up their green hope

And resorted to a lifeless tan

Existing only to later die


A broken rock path that lingers along

A withering stream that is too dry to even flow anymore

A useless bridge that goes over nothing but dirt

Plants too rigid and parched to move at all


Here it is too quiet

Too cold

Too unwelcoming for anyone to enjoy

Not until someone loosens up

Someone sends an invite

Someone cracks a smile

And begins to socialize

Can we enjoy

the vivacious air of community again

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