Mass Shootings Poem

If there was a law changed for every rally since February, we would have more than 300 gun control laws in place.


If we had a minute of silence for everybody who has died since 1996 from a mass shooting, we would have 1,091 minutes of silence. Nearly 18 hours, Three-fourths of a day.


If there was a change made in school security, 21 schools would still have all their students. 214 kids who have lost their lives and their bright futures from a gun.


So what I’m asking you is why kids need to practice active-shooter drills in school when they should be learning about their ABC’s?


Why do I need to be looking for the nearest exit at a movie theater “just in case”?


Why do my parents need to remind me to never turn my back to the exit for a fear that I’ll be the first one dead?


An 8 year old should not be worrying about how fast she has to run to get away from the shooter or where she should be hiding if a shooter ever entered the classroom.


So tell me why we aren’t taking action. Is a gun really more important than a child’s life? Or any life for that matter?





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