Nothing is Free

When I was a child, I always had this optimistic view of everything; America was some form of utopian government where everything was free and everyone was equal. I suppose this was a result of spending my early childhood in a sheltered environment with no cares in the world. As I grew older and wiser, I began to slowly learn this was not such the case. Everything on this earth has a price, whether it is material or an imaginary concept.

At first, my thinking was more naive, and it was mostly realising that things such as clothes and food weren’t free, but as I moved into high school, my thinking became more philosophical and deep. The topic of “Nothing is Free” in my mind shifted from material things in this world to more meaningful concepts such as freedom of speech or America being a “free country.”

As stated earlier, my thinking had shifted into deeper concepts that surround the concept that “Nothing is Free.” This change occurred during humanities class one day when we briefly discussed how sometimes people had to sacrifice some of their freedom for protection from the government. The discussion was sparked by the topic of Edward Snowden, who, through Wikileaks, gave the public awareness of the NSA monitoring people’s phone calls. This incident split the public into those that believed that freedom was more important, and those that believed that national security was more important. To this day, Edward Snowden is known as the whistle blower on the NSA. There have also been incidents when government took the people’s freedom for total power, such as Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR.

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