land of the free

she burns her hair away

and fades her brown skin

anything to be good enough

anything to be human enough


he doesn’t speak

and he hides his skin

anything to be invisible

anything to live

anything to be safe


she has cut her native tongue from her small mouth

she has faded her home away

anything to be a American enough

anything to be free


they are scared

they do not cry

anything to get back to their mother

anything to finally have a home


the children of the land of the free

are no longer free

they are chained by fear of a bullet being embedded into their backs

the fear of losing their parents

the fear of going back to dangerous homes

the fear of dying

much too early

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  1. This is gorgeous. It tells a story we all know without outright stating the issue and uses fairly simple lines to portray complex feelings.

  2. I love the imagery (however graphic) of “She cut her native tongue cut from her small mouth.) It’s beautiful and impactful.

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